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Rooted Supporters,
Giving Tuesday is coming up soon we are prayerfully and humbly seeking year-end gifts to support the ongoing work of Rooted Young Adults.

Rooted started in 2017 when a group of recent high school grads asked to start a Bible Study. We opened it up and invited people everywhere from the lakeshore to the east beltline and everywhere in between. We thought it would be a nice group of 5 or 6 and we quickly saw it was something more than that. Despite our reluctant and almost hesitant start, we quickly saw the hunger for God's Word and His truth that so many this age have. These young adults were journeying through the season of life where worldviews are shaped--and to a large extent--solidified and they wanted God to be a part of their development.  
Right now we have 20-25 young adults active. It seems every year (every semester in fact) God brings us new people into the mix. Just as others move away for work or to go start a family in a new place, God continues to bring hungry new young adults. It's year #6 of Rooted and we've been able to minister to nearly 100 young adults through this in-depth Bible Study and young adult community.  Some are going on year 6 of Rooted, some young adults were with us for a semester before they moved back home (after GVSU for example). It is very much a ministry for a season, whether that is one semester or 6+ years. But no matter how long they are with us we want to see the Gospel take deep root in their lives (pun intended).  We want to give them some community (supplement to church, not a replacement), equip & disciple them, and then send them into God's World as ambassadors for Kingdom service.

Great Example

Drew Kunnen was with us for 5 years. He still messages in the group message but is currently in Arizona for Grad school. He has found a church and has been inviting other students to attend with him. A couple of weeks ago Drew called and asked what Bible would be best to give a non-believing international student who was curious about Jesus. You see, this young man had started going to church with Drew per his invitation! In fact, he was so moved that, even though he knew Christians before, someone actually invited him! (Picture below: His name is Jason, in the foreground. Drew in the back left) Since then Drew visited while home on break and asked for continued prayers and for advice on how to start a similar Bible study right where God has placed him. 

This is what Rooted is all about!


It is our hope and prayer to fully fund this ministry for at least the next fiscal year. By God's Grace, he has always kept us staffed and resourced usually 3-6 months out, some years leaner than that, but He has always provided. Donations go towards our 4 part-time discipling staff members, offering study materials at a discount or for free, Webhosting, paying for food & covering expenses when we meet with young adults at coffee shops or lunch near their campuses/work for care, discipleship, and encouragement, mileage expenses, it covers our expenses at our annual retreat (Went to Lake Ann last year for the kickoff retreat), and discounts for conferences (which we hope to resume next year as they are now reemerging post-covid), among other needs that arise. 

To be fully funded for a full ministry season our full budget goal is $40,000 and includes everything mentioned above (right now we have about $10,000 pledged or donated, leaving $30,000) Would you help us reach our goal? 



This group has more than a dozen churches represented and a few official partners but is largely dependent on individual donors. Again, we want to be a supplement to the church and help equip these young adults to serve Christ's bride. 

I should add one important recent development. We were contacted by a new grouping of churches about 20-30 minutes away. A board member and I met with representatives from about a dozen churches. Out of that, it seems a handful may be banding together to start a Rooted group right where they are. We don't know exactly how and when this will happen, but we have had many fruitful conversations and are trusting God's leading as this develops! This too will require additional partners and staffing as we help lend time, energy, and resources to get them off the ground. A big part of the investment will be training their local leaders.

 By God's Grace, the Kingdom will multiply and God will be glorified.  

We need your prayers and would love for you to prayerfully consider a financial partnership. This could be through a one-time year-end gift. For this sort of gift, a check is best because there is not an online handling fee. Simply mail a check made out to "Rooted Young Adults" and mail it to 3617 Hillcrest Rd. Hudsonville, MI, or hand it to Cory.
Or it could be through a monthly recurring gift (Click on DONATE button on the rooted website
Rooted is a 501c3 Non-profit and giving statements are available. 

If you have any questions or would like to talk further I would be happy to do so

In Christ, 

Pastor Cory Nederveld

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