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In the Fall of 2017 we piloted a young adult Bible study on Thursday nights. Gathering a group of busy young adults can be a challenge, but one thing is for certain, the desire to study God's Word was there. These young adults were hungry for it. 

Therefore, we began meeting at a location central to many of the universities in West Michigan. At these gatherings we had quite a mixed group; there were working young adults, students from almost every local college and university. There were young adults from all over West Michigan.

One of the unique things about this ministry is the way the Rooted members take such a high level of ownership. By God's grace, one of the reasons this ministry has been healthy and fruitful is because of the Rooted group members in vest their lives into one anothers. They pray for each other and dig deep into God's word together. Equipping this next generation to own their faith is one of the objectives of this ministry and it has been amazing to see God do just that, even as the members equip one another.  

These meetings have also been a great space to ask difficult questions and explore what God has to say on these subjects. We have seen God doing an incredible work laying the groundwork for a mature and articulate faith. This is the season of life where many ask difficult questions and this has given space for that. We have had so many candid conversations on some very difficult topics and God has done a good work in these young adult's lives. 

We have learned so much since this ministry first began. It should not have been a surprise, but one of the things we have learned is that these young adults are hungry to experience life in Jesus, to see Him in His Word, and they clearly want to make a difference in the world by God's grace.

If you would like to know more about ROOTED please go to the contact button above. 

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